Drive with us into the future today:

Silence - the electric scooter with the ingenious battery

Silence electric scooter:

Starting into the future so versatile, flexible and independent

The S01

Boundlessly independent. In and around the city. Safe, flexible and efficient thanks to the portable battery.

The S02

Especially designed for transport and delivery companies, the S02 is the right and sustainable solution for the B2B market. And you can use it 24h a day thanks to the innovative and removable battery.

The S03

Exceptional load capacity (up to 390 kg) combined with high stability due to the 3 wheels. Sustainable and 24 hours a day solution thanks to the innovative and removable battery.

The concept is well received:

Enthusiastic driving experience and pioneering mobility

Enjoy all the advantages of electric mobility:

  • inspiring acceleration and dynamics,
  • 100 % Emission-free
  • no irritating noises nor vibrations
  • With a range of around 100 km that is absolutely suitable for everyday use

In addition, the design ensures a low centre of gravity and thus maximum stability. This results in additional benefits:

  • A big transport box can be mounted (models S02 and S03).
  • The loading space under the seat is larger than with conventional concepts (S01).

At the same time, all Silence models offer maximum connectivity. Network multiple models with those of colleagues or friends to share the electric scooters. In the business sector, telematics solutions create opportunities for sharing systems or other business ideas.

Finally, the ingenious ergonomics convey a particularly relaxed driving feeling. In addition, there are numerous comfort features such as LED headlights, reverse gear and accessories in matching design.

Two versions for every need: 50 ccm (with car or AM driving licence permitted) or 125 ccm (motorcycle driving licence required).

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Ingeniously practical - practically ingenious:

The battery to take with you

Our future is made of such ideas! Your Silence electric scooter makes you absolutely flexible and independent: Simply remove the battery and recharge it at home (or at any other outlet) or replace it with an already charged battery. You can also use the battery as a charger for your mobile phone, laptop or other powerful device. You benefit not only from 100 % electromobility, but also from 100 % efficiency.

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