S03 - The modern business power solution:

Pure electric - super flexible - perfectly independent

Exceptional load capacity (390 kg) combined with high stability due to the 3 wheels. Sustainable and 24 hours a day solution thanks to the innovative and removable battery.

S03 L3e

125 cc – 80 km/h – 4 or 6 kW battery
Motorcycle driving licence required (or B100 driving licence; 7 hours driving school without exam)
Eco-bonus: up to 50 % of the price excluding VAT (max. 1000 €)

Available starting from 2022

S03 Power Battery Pack

  • Lithium Ion battery
  • 2-4 year warranty
  • Temperature -20°C to +55°C
  • Charging at any socket directly on the scooter or by removing the battery

km / Battery Pack

With a charge of 4 kWh

  • Homologated: 141 km
  • Minimum: 75 km

With a charge of 6 kWh

  • Homologated: 185 km
  • Minimum: 100 km

Perfect connectivity - absolute control:

You will always have the S03 perfectly under control: The Silence-APP lets you know about the location of your scooter, its condition and battery status as well as the usage history and creates statistics on the avoided CO2 emissions.

Your start into electric fleet management:

How to manage your fleet with the S03 electric scooters: Real-time monitoring with zone control, fleet utilization reports, accident reconstruction and creation of maps.

Transport abilities:

The supplier box with a volume of 200 or 350 litres is perfect for safe storage of all types of deliveries.

S03 - Technische Daten

  • Speed L3e = 80 km/h
  • Motor: L3e = 2 x 4 kW
  • SCHUKO connection: BatteryPack with integrated charger - 600 W
  • Battery unit with 55 W heat output (works with charger)
  • Stabilization system at standstill
  • 3 driving modes and reverse gear
  • Weight without battery: 143 kg
  • Battery weight: 4 kWh = 27 kg | 6 kWh = 35 kg
  • Payload max: 120 kg (100 kg rear box and 20 kg front box)
  • In-house electronics and BMS (Battery Management System): Check of battery cell voltage, number of charges and discharges and battery temperature
  • Dimensions: 2092 x 845 x 1098 mm
  • Ground clearance: 149 mm
  • Wheels (front and rear): 130/70R13
  • Regenerative brake and CBS (combined braking system)
  • Hydraulic shock absorbers
  • LED lighting / daytime running lights
  • Digital speedometer: Speed, state of charge (SoC), remaining kilometres and temperatures